Titus Leber


La marche au supplice

Titus Leber´s first theatrical feature-film, “Anima-Symphony Fantastique”, starring Mathieu Carriere and Charo Lopez is a delirious visualisation of Hector Berlioz´ Symphony of the same name, seen through the filter of Marcel Duchamp´s interpretation of the “myth of the bachelor machine” as expressed in his masterpiece ”The Great-Glass- La Jeune Mariée mise à nu par ses célibataires mêmes.”
The story evolves around a young Romantic, officer, in an obsessive search for his “Idée Fixe”, appearing to him successively in the guise of his mother, his virgin fiancée, a seductive courtesan and the “Sphinx of the Industrial Age”- half woman, half sewing machine. While our young hero turns into the military ruler of a society of martial bachelors, devotees of a new cult of two-dimensional pin-up “Paper-Women”, he meets his final destiny in his Idée fixe transformed into a “femme fatale”, presiding over a Witch-Sabbat surrounding the resurrection of warriors of all times.

Songe d’une nuit du Sabbat

“Anima” was selected as “Official Selection - Hors Concours” of the Cannes-Film-Festival,1981