Titus Leber

Current Projects:

Connecting to Africa's Past via Smart Media

Titus Leber

A large scale web-based application aiming at creating comprehensive access to all facets of Africa´s cultural heritage and connecting young Africans to thei cultural roots as well as to their contribution to the world´s cultural heritage dispersed in private and public collections all over the world

Our goals are:

  • To preserve and disseminate Africa´s Cultural heritage by smart media and interactive technology.
  • To travel from the narrations of the Elders to an interactive narrative fitting in the palm of your hand.
  • To discover and to remain connected to the spiritual sources and cultural roots of their native and ancestral patrimony.

To use state of the art technology to gather, aggregate, and disseminate compact information pertinent to the preservation of Africa´s vast cultural heritage- from Africa and around the world- and to make this information accessible via smart media to young Africans, thus enabling them ( and the rest of the world) to appreciate Africa´s contribution to the world´s cultural patrimony.

In a close PPP partnership between African nations and the private sector the creators of this project will develop a number of “ Micro- projects” per country, each one of them focusing on a specific facet of the country´s cultural patrimony.